Breast Feeding Oufits - What to wear when breast feeding

We often get asked if we have anything suitable for breastfeeding. You can be at that stage of wanting to treat to yourself to some new clothes and you deserve it! But now with breastfeeding it all seems so different to pre kids. Having had 2 children myself I know how tricky it can be to find the right item that not only is functional but stylish at the same time. 

Here are my suggestions to help you along the way. If you ever need some advise on clothes ( not breastfeeding as I did find it hard!) then ask away. 

I think the key is easy access. I was always quite self conscious so I would opt for something that could be opened rather than lifted up.  A shirt or shirt dress is a great option so that you can undo the buttons and go from there. 

This Only shirt is a classic cream colour. It doesn't have to be tucked in and can be worn with denim or black jeans. The buttons will fasten down giving you access.

This starry shirt below by Sugarhill is ideal for adding some print and colour to your outfit. Its quirky and would look good for day or night time if you venture out. 


As well as the shirt , you can have the option of wearing a shirt dress. These can be teamed with tights or over jeans depending on how you feel. Often going for a shirt dress is easier as you don't have to think of your bottom half. 

I love this Byoung Jasmin shirt dress that is such a rich colour. Ideal for wearing at any time of year with sandals or tights and boots. You can choose to wear the belt or just have the dress loose. Often a belt can sit in the wrong place and if you have larger than normal boobs, this might make you look top heavy. So I would either ditch the belt or tie it at the back .

Another way of wearing of wearing a shirt is as a jacket. I often did this when I was pregnant and wanted some coverage but wasn't too hot. Invest in a good longer length vest. We have the Postcard From Brighton lace trim vests that are great but H & M sell good maternity vests too which I wore upto a year after my first baby. The shirt can be worn open so as to form a type of jacket. Then when you want to feed you can do a couple of button up at the top to feed underneath. 

Our Ichi longer shirt is ideal for this.


Another great style for breast feeding is the wrap over dress or top. Ideal as you can wrap it according to your bust and it can be adjusted in case you have a moment where your boobs are going  to burst! Personally I would stick a vest underneath a dress so that you can allow the dress to move without exposing yourself too much. 

This vintage flower wrap dress is ideal for day or night. Team with boots or pumps, this is one style that you will feel comfortable in whilst still stylish.

There are also zip or v neck tops to go for. Jersey tops can be worn that are nicely draped and provide enough room for you to lower one side down to feed. A zip top is perfect really for zipping undone for feeding and then zipping up when finished. The diamante zip top would make a great choice for if you need something just that little bit smarter.

If you have a night out planned whilst breastfeeding and still want to be able to either pump or feed then have a look a the wrap over jumpsuits as well as a dress. Again with the cross over front this will allow you to pull back and feed. A jumpsuit is a great choice and can be worn again after you have finished feeding. 

This animal print jumpsuit is  fuller at the front giving you the room you need.

Alongside of looking for the right top or dress/jumpsuit. One thing you can invest in is a good pair of trousers. These you can wear during and after. Often you haven't returned back to your pre baby shape and can feel conscious so choosing the right fit jeans or bottoms is essential so you are both comfortable and that they flatter. Having seen so many shapes and sizes try our Liverpool leggings, I can honestly say these are amazing at sculpting your body. With a high rise, these will tuck in your tummy and provide great shape to your bum.

I hope this has provided some guide for you in what to wear. Just because you are breastfeeding, doesn't have to limit your style, its just knowing what to go for.

Niki x