Surviving The Fashion Climate Change

Saturday, 19 August 2017

It's August, yes that's right it's still only August and already we are starting to feel the chill! 
Before we've even had chance to get the pool out and sandals on it feels like we need to start packing them away. Well that is until the afternoon when it gets warmer again.

The dilemma at this time of year is what to wear. I seem to start the day off dresses for Autumn and by lunchtime Im dressed for Spring, come dinnertime I look ready to hit the beach! It's all very confusing. Just the other day whilst off to the Maize Maze, I had to pack the car with rain coats, cardigans, t-shirts, wellies, sandals and suncream. I mean just what is going on with this weather and how do we dress for it?

The key is being prepared. Adding a scarf to an outfit is a great way of taking off the chill. Not only can it add some colour to your outfit but you can use it several different ways if you need it to wrap over your shoulders. Keep the scarf lightweight so that it can slip into your handbag when it gets warmer in the day.

Jeans are a great staple piece to wear all year, but an ankle grazer is especially good for wearing while the weather makes its mind up. Ankle grazers look great with sandals and pumps, plus when it gets colder can easily slip into a pair of boots.

It goes without saying that having a biker jacket in your wardrobe is a must. Not only can they be worn at any time of year, but they just never seem to date. Black, washed or suede, the great thing about a biker is that it can be worn over a tshirt or dress and just adds to the look. 


Aside from layering, loungewear is the ideal go to for wearing on cooler days. Never before can sweatpants look so stylish! If your not into matching sets then keep it simple and opt for a printed pant with plain t-shirt or knit. Worn with sandals or converse, these will be sure to get your through til Autumn. Invest in these now, before they sell out. Also great to wear over Christmas  (sorry to mention the C word).

Finally, the dungaree dress is here to stay. Worn with a little top underneath during the warmer days, this little number is so versatile it will prove a worthy investment. Layer up with a long sleeve top or knit when its cooler, this dress looks great with sandals or tights and boots.

Don't be scared to try something new. There is nothing more satisfying that trying something and liking it and wishing why have I never tried it before. 
So I hope this have given some guidance to survive this in between weather. Here's to the rest of the Summer holidays and the changing of the season.


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