If anything has taught me about fashion, its having kids

Saturday, 31 December 2016

If anything has taught me about fashion, its having kids. Its not that my girls tell me what to wear but since having them my fashion sense, style and aspirations have totally changed. And its not just me that feels like this. 

Over the past year since coming back to work after my second baby I have really noticed the amount of women who have regressed in terms of confidence surrounding their fashion and style. It can often be that having children can take the wind out of your sails where tiredness, basic survival and living on caffeine become the main priority to get you though the early days/weeks or years!  Yes this is me below.

Instead of opening up the wardrobe to happily leaf through your clothes you end up choosing the same top, cosy cardi and repeatedly washed faithful jeans. Its not about finding something new to wear its about finding something quick and comfy which essentially becomes your uniform.

The thing is once you have children your body shape changes. I was never lucky enough ( or had the will power to get my bum to the gym) to go back to my pre kids size but  I have had to adapt my style to make way for large or wobbly bits in new places now!  Its paramount to remember that bodies can change especially when sitting down with your mobile phone night after night searching websites for some new inspirational styles that you want to wear but your body will not allow you to. I'm not saying that you wont find anything but you need to accept your body before buying.

Even when we finally do find something we like there is often the guilt of buying it. So many mums ( me included) feel so guilty when buying for ourselves yet will happily spend the pounds at the click of button for the children. Never mind us spending 9 months carrying them but everything we do,  we do for them which makes us feel guilty when we do something for ourselves.

The hardest part for anyone (mums included) is admitting that you are stuck in a rut and need some help on what to wear. Often the fear of walking into a shop and choosing something can fill you with dread. It doesn't need to be this way.  Its just a case that you have lost your way and need a gentle nudge in the right direction to give your wardrobe back its mojo that  its lost.

I love my job and having met lots of different people from all walks of life, I have realised that its not only about the womans shape and size but the personality that really determines their look. Listening to peoples outlook and confidence will determine how they can express themselves through their own style. Often ladies dismiss an outfit through fear and conforming to what they feel they are expected to wear. Its not until being persuaded to try something new do they realise they can wear something different.  Being told " I would never have tried that on if you hadn't picked it out" gives me great job satisfaction and creates confidence in the customer that 'yes I can try something new'.

So whether you're a new mum, experienced mum or someone stuck  in a style rut , lacking confidence but too scared to ask for help, make it this year that you do ask. 

The only thing holding you back is you.

So order those skinny jeans you have had in the basket for weeks, buy that tunic dress  you thought was too short & stick on that little black number (even if you have to wear support tights) for a night on the town. 

Go get 2017 ladies and get back your va va vroom.

Happy New Year Niki xx

P.S I am happy to help anyone stuck in a rut, if you cant get in and want to know your body shape, here is a guide to start from xx




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