Fashion Industry Summer Dilemma

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Every year about July the same thing happens. The weather gets hotter, we start to enjoy a summer and then the shops start to get their autumn /winter stock in! Just as we have got used to wearing sandals, strappy tops and maxi dresses, we are faced with a wall of winter woollies, dark colours and fur trimmed parkas!

Now I know that I can’t really change the fashion industry, but I can at least start to warn my customers of the prospect that waiting until schools out to start buying your holiday wear could end in disaster.  Most of us are busy all the time and often don’t have time to plan our wardrobes in advance, often we wait until nearer the time in case we have shifted that half a stone or to see what the weather is doing before we buy our clobber.  Well the scary thing is that come July, the summer sales will be in full swing, the Turkish and European factories will be closing for a break in August and the shops will be moving onto the next season.  This leaves a big problem for those of us that are now thinking of buying a few bits for the summer and some nice new holiday pieces.  Expect random sizes left and out of stock signs on your internet browser.  It’s not just us that are left high and dry but also the children.  Now it’s time for the little summer dresses and shorts with the lovely cute sandals, but can we find any? No, all gone but there are some lovely tan brown Chelsea boots that are in stock which could be worn in October ( remember to get one size bigger if you do buy them early  in case of a growth spurt!)

It’s not just summer and holiday wear that is in short supply during the summer months but leaving your outfit to the last minute for an August or September wedding could be fatal. By August the shops are ready to clear out the remainder of the summer wear and flood the store with their winter collections. Who wants to wear a heavy full sleeved dress to a wedding in August? You see the thing is this country tends to keep the temperature up until the end of September so naturally you want to wear a summery outfit to a wedding. Leaving it until July to buy your dress could be very risky, as sizes will be sparse or you will have to contend with buying in the sale which could mean that more people are buying the same dress! That is definitely not what you want!

What’s the solution? Apart from being super organised and buying your holiday and summer wedding outfit early in the year to get what you want, then it’s really up to the fashion industry to try and delay in the timings of their Autumn arrivals and provide more concise collections that are relevant to the weather . Getting this right is nigh on impossible.  This year I have tried to provide more summer pieces in the summer months. That’s why at the moment the shop still has some lovely summer dresses and limited autumn/winter pieces. We will continue to show the Summer stock until Mid-August to help out with September weddings and holidays. As for the Palmaira sandals that we sold out in February, if you were one of those lucky people to get yours then, you can feel very smug with yourself as they sold out before the first ray of sun! Note to self – Double my order for next year!


Niki x

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