Does Size Matter?

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's February and with dry January over and the new health kick regime in full swing (not me) I thought it appropriate to talk about size. 

Does size matter? Well what a question. I'm talking about the size you wear, does that matter?

The thing is having working in the clothing industry for many years now I have seen so many variations of sizes that really the number in your dress doesn't necessarily reflect your actual size.

Take childrens clothes for example. Often we can have a long legged baby who's age is 6 months yet we have to dress them in 9-12 months because of their long limbs. We accept it, the baby accepts it ( they don't have a choice) and the problem is solved.  It becomes evident when shopping around for children clothes that store sizes vary from shop to shop.  I used to find Joules cut small whilst Mothercare was generous. I would adapt my buying according to the shop.

Now if the same problem occurs to us adults whereby the size 12 was just that bit too small around the crotch say but the thought of trying a 14 would bring you out in hives we often choose to put the item back. We loose out.

Well I'll let you into a secret. Each store on the high street and boutique brands too have their own way of measuring their fit models and size charts. Confusing  and frustrating I know but its a fact.

Here's just a few with varying sizes....

Next is notorious for coming up big. I have often skipped out the changing room after getting into a size 10 but then headed over to Zara where i could not get my butt into a tailored pair of size 14 trousers.  Next, Dorothy Perkins and Marks and Spencer are cut big, usually at least one size bigger whilst Zara is cut small along with Mango, Miss Selfridge and often H & M. No wonder its so hard to find the right style and the reason for so many internet order returns!

Running a boutique I encounter this problem too with the different brands in stock, the difference being I'm on hand to tell my customers of the sizing so will often automatically hand them a bigger or smaller size according to their figure and we inform of size variations online too.  Once tried on and it looks great the size is no longer an issue.

The point i'm trying to make is that if you find an item you like and it fits buy it. Don't obsess with the label inside. There's nothing worse than trying to squeeze yourself into a 10 and it looking tight and ill fitting when you could opt for the size 12 and look amazing. Just as you wouldn't ram your foot into a size 5 through fear of having to go up to size 6, its the same principle with clothing.

Looking at celebrities the biggest culprit of squeezing into something too tight is Kim Kardashian, when she gets it right she looks great, but when shes gets it wrong she really gets it really wrong. One of my favourite celebs for wearing the best fitting clothes for her figure is Holly Willoughby . Styled by Angie Smith (check her out on instagram) she puts celebs in the right clothes that really flatter their figures and makes them look effortlessly stylish. 

To summarise, in this size obsessed culture we live in, often we feel pressured to get into a certain size. Well I say we try on clothes with no labels and wear what makes us feel comfortable , confident and this in turn would make anyone look and feel better. Its not the size of the item it's the fit. 

Size doesn't matter, but fit does!

Niki xxx


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