A Break From The Norm

Thursday, 31 August 2017

It's often hard to break from the norm when trying on new clothes.  We are a creature of habit and we know what we like.

Comfort can play an important factor.  Baggy, longer bum covering lengths and generally something looser can make you not worry about any problem bits. These can look great on the right figure and I have seen some great styles out there.

It's all too easy to reach for those & I reach for those styles to at certain times of the month ☺️

However it's not until you start trying new styles can you see the difference it can make to your shape.

The temptation to opt for a larger size or a looser style can be all too easy.  It's natural to want to cover up if you feel slightly unsure of your figure and lack confidence in trying something new.

The problem is that often the larger size or the excess material can sometimes make you look bigger (depending on your shape).  It sounds confusing but just look at this comparison.

Neither top is fitted but the one on the left is longer and looser. The length is wrong. The top is sitting on the widest part of her (hips) and so actually draws attention to them and makes them more noticable. The top on the right is shorter and sits just below the waist which elongates the bottom half and makes it look leaner.  It's so easy to opt for the left one but the difference it makes to your figure is quite noticable.

The same applies for the skirt length.  Lots of people fear the midi length as they think it will stop at the wrong place on the leg.  Again this is a myth and on majority of figures, the midi length can actually elongate your figure when worn with the correct top. This photo shows the difference in choosing a midi skirt and more fitted top. The figure looks so much more slimline and neat.

Now I'm not saying that we all need to start wearing shorter, tighter things!  However I just wanted to plant the seed that breaking from the norm can make a staggering difference to your shape.

It's hard to see the wood from the trees when you go shopping in larger stores and as we are all time poor there is often never the minutes to spend having a good try on.

My team & me have over 30+ years experience of serving ladies from all walks of life, in ALL shapes & sizes. Being a mum of 2 young girls, I fully understand that shopping can be tricky to fit in when life often revolves around the kids.

What we try to offer is a service that is down to earth, appreciative of your situation and realistic that can allow you to see the full potential of your figure using the right styles & the right size.

So ladies, whether you are on count down for the kids to go back or have started to think about what you can be wearing when it gets cooler we are here to help you make a start to find the clothes that can fit to you.

I'll pop on the kettle.

Here's to the Autumn



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